Unique concept – Apple museum and café Prague

Steve Jobs a Steve Wozniak – founders of Apple world empire, which is currently the most prosperous and valuable brand in the world. Now you have a great opportunity to experience the stories of two ingenious minds of all times, that together literally changed the world and caused revolution in modern technologies and consequently the lives of ordinary people. For this purpose, you do not need a time machine – all you need is just a free afternoon or evening.

Everything else is to be found in the Apple museum and café in the Prague centre near the Old Town Square. You can find us in the historical interior of the Pop Art Gallery, designed and reconstructed in the way it corresponds with Apple philosophy. The design of exhibition space is very simple and pure with emphasis on quality materials. The unique exhibition features total number of 472 exhibits – Apple, Pixar and Next products. Among them, there are for example the historically first personal computer Apple 1 which today’s value is about 25 million CZK, then legendary Apple Lisa, first Macintosh or Jobs’ or Wozniak’s personal belongings and notes from their studies.

Steven’s Food, café and bistro in Jobs’ characteristic style
To make your impression as authentic as possible, you can have stylish thematic refreshment after visiting the museum at Steven’s food, original raw bistro and café. In what sense original? Jobs was known to be a strict vegetarian since he became a university studies. It is said that his most favourite food was raw carrots and apples. That is why you can find lots of Steve’s favourite food and beverages in our menu. We prepare it from finest ingredients and serve always fresh. Try how it feels like to be a vegetarian as this is for Jobs one of the most characteristic properties that were in line with his lifelong conviction.

Unikátní soukromá sbírka, největší svého druhu na světě, vypráví příběh neobyčejných osobností, kterým se podařilo změnit fungování celého světa a zasáhnout do života každého obyčejného smrtelníka. Provede vás kolekcí osobních počítačů od počátku založení v roce 1976 až do roku 2012. Mezi cennými artefakty nechybí ani školní ročenky Jobse a další vzácné rarity.