Comprehensive exhibition tells the personal story of Steve Jobs

The Prague Pop Art Gallery features exclusive artifacts and rarities that together cannot be found elsewhere in the world. When you are in the capital city, do not forget to include visit of Apple Museum to list of your activities in Prague. Right there, you can see such rarities as Apple 1, first personal computer as it was designed and constructed by Wozniak himself, Jobs‘ colleague and Apple co-founder. The collection also contains Apple Lisa, first computer with user graphics interface and first mouse as well as the original Macintosh model, first mass-market personal computer with an integral graphical user interface and mouse. The exhibition is completed with Jobs‘ personal things, including school notes when he was at university.

The exhibition is quite large, reaching 767 m2 of exhibition space and 12.000 metres of installed cables. With the support of latest technologies, individual exhibits are arranged on rectangular exhibits of perfectly smoothened DuPont’s corian material.

Unusual insight into the Apple history with multimedia guide
Let’s take the insight into the history and present achievement of the most successful global brand in the history. We offer our visitors a multimedia guide along with the milestones of the visionary genius Steve Jobs. He wanted to change the world. How did he make it happen? Let’s think different and see the world around us with Jobs’s eyes and open mind. Apple Museum is the only possible way to find it out. Multimedia guides are available through smartphones and tablets in 8 international languages.