Unique Apple exhibits in Prague

Come and see the amazing exhibits of this brand that made it from the garage to the current position of the biggest and most valuable company on the planet. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a unique opportunity to see the overall number of 472 original Apple, Next and Pixar products, reaching an incredible 767 m2 of exhibition space.

You can look to the recent past and put yourself into the time when in 1976 Steve Jobs together with Steve Wozniak constructed historically first personal computer – Apple 1. In our museum, you can have a look at it precisely the way it was designed and constructed in all its complexity by these two modern geniuses. Its value is today approximately 25 million CZK.

Extraordinary life story of two geniuses
Apple Museum in Prague attracts not only the lovers of iconic Apple products but also modern technologies enthusiasts. Brilliant engineering performance of the two outstanding personalities in the modern history goes far beyond the boundaries of a single company. Their legacy changed the world forever, and what they managed to create, caused the computer revolution. Thanks to them, we can today work on computers on a daily basis, listen to MP3 players and watch popular animated films from Pixar production.

Their vision conquered without exaggeration the whole world and influenced what possibilities we have in the technology area. Visit us in the Pop Art Gallery and explore the legacy of two extraordinary personalities that caused the revolution in the field of science and technology.