Listen to the story of the greatest technology visionary

The capital city offers more than just classical and often also boring museums and exhibitions when you want to have fun and participate in cultural life. Our museum corresponds with latest trends that show increasing popularity of modern interactive museums combined with café and gift shops that are best cultural attractions in Prague. It is dedicated to one of the most significant persons in modern history.

With his company, he caused computer revolution and thus changed lives of tens of millions people worldwide that work on personal computer on a daily basis, play music using MP3 players and watch animated films from Pixar production. Do you want to understand why and how he managed to conquer the world? Come and accompany Steve Jobs on his journey from the very beginning. We start in 1976, where Apple Computer Company was founded.

One man caused revolution
You can look into the recent past and put yourself in Steve Jobs’ shoes. Literally. The biggest private collection features all significant pieces from Apple family, including Apple 1, Apple Lisa or Macintosh. Moreover, you can see Jobs’ personal belongings, for example university notes and many others. He was a unique visionary and an ingenious businessman who urged his colleagues to think differently. He wanted to change the world – and made it happen! Keep your eyes widely shut and maybe you manage to do the same.