Museum in Prague that entertains and inspires at the same time

Steve Jobs. Symbol of the computer revolution, science and technology excitement and a man of firm belief, determined to change the whole world. How he was successful, everybody knows today. The most eloquent proof of Jobs’ unquestionable talent is the fact that Apple is currently the most profitable and valuable company on the planet.

Many years passed from the first enthusiastic amateur attempts in the Jobs’ parent’s garage and you have now a unique opportunity to get in his and his nearest colleague’s shoes and follow their life journey. The main aim of our museum is to show how it brought stunning news to the world and make visitors understand why it conquered tens of millions of people all over the world. We would like also to help people see and think different as Steve Jobs did.

Design matters
The most complex and valuable collection of computers and other Apple, Pixar and Next products goes beyond the boundaries of traditional museums with passive expositions. It offers interactive entertainment, films on screen and design exhibition space with emphasis on purity, minimalism and high-quality materials. Jobs himself was obsessed with simple yet functional design. No wonder Jobs used to say “design matters”.

A unique private collection, the largest of its kind in the world, tells the story of extraordinary personalities who managed to change the mankind and affect the lives of every single human being. It guides you through collections of personal computers since the early founding company in 1976 until 2012. The most valuable artefacts also include Jobs’ school yearbooks and other valuable rarities.