The world through Steve Jobs’s perspective

Now you have a unique opportunity to go in his footsteps and go through his entire life from the very beginning. If you are interested, no complicated steps are needed. It is one of the best Prague things to do. Just visit us in the Prague Pop Art Gallery near the Old Town Square, where there was opened a museum with the biggest private collection of original Apple, Pixar and Next products in the world. For the time being, such museum with all the historical and new products together can be seen now only in Prague. Travel back in time, to the year when Steve Jobs constructed his first personal computer Apple in parent’s garage along with his colleague Steve Wozniak. Nobody in our generation has changed the world like these two.

During the exhibition, you can watch how the Apple family grew and became a world’s technological giant and number one in computer industry. Steve Jobs’ vision, talent and also determination smashed every market he touched and broke every achievement record related. Steve Jobs said: The only way to do great work is to love what you do. And he personally fulfilled it perfectly.

Keep your mind open
Another famous Steve’s quote is: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. He was also known for sharply criticising things he did not like but recognized that competing firms release great products as well. From this, he usually took the lesson for himself and his people and tried to improve into something even better and more powerful. The result of his lifelong work is to be seen in the Apple Museum in Prague since the beginning of this year. Come and see the biggest private exhibition of Apple products in the world!