Steven’s Food

Steve Jobs was a very strict vegetarian since he was a student.

During his studies on the university he was interested in various diets. He was a fruitarian and he found new habit that he kept for a very long time in his life. It was a fast.

Steve left the USA after graduating in his university. He was going to India to seek the spiritual enlightenment. It was always his big dream to make it real. Later on he came back to the USA with bald head and with belief in budhism. It had big influence on his career decisions and it bulit his philosophical thoughts . Budhism made him think that he could have been always sure about his decisions. If he was sure about the perfection of product then everybody had to feel it the same way. Steve became a vegan in India and it remained him forever. He very often talked in public about harms of eating meat. Although we can say he was a little sinner too and that was for his love for a fresh sushi. He could not have said no to that. But anyway his most favorite food was raw carrot and apple. Of course an apple.

Steeven's Food


Fruitarianism is more than eating habit. Its rather philosophy or lifestyle. In that case you eat mostly fresh raw fruit and only small portion of vegetable and a bit of seeds.

We are preparing in our Steven’s Food lobby bar drinks from finest ingredients. We are serving you fruit and vegetable always fresh and with the best quality.

Fresh juices
Water of Life
True Tea
Coffee Danesi

Fresh Juices

Enjoy your daily portion of minerals. Enjoy our special offer of fresh juices.


(carrot, apple, celary, beetroot)


(orange, apple, carrot, ginger)


(pinapple, orange, apple, mint)


(pear, apple, carrot, ginger)


(orange, ginger, lemon, grapefruit)


(blueberries, grapefruit, apple)

Green Health

(cucumber, pinapple, carrot, celary, brocolli, spinach, young oat)

Simply powerfull

(water, lemon, ginger, kurkuma)


Smoothie is a fresh mixed drink with fruit or vegetable. Or even combination of both fruit and vegetable is a great option. It is should be served without any added sugar, added sweeteners or preservatives. There are no barriers with tastes you prefer. You can loose your fantasy and have smoothie not only with fruit or vegetable but with other great ingredients like nuts, young barley, chia seeds and oat-flakes.

We will get nutritious, creamy and thick cocktail that could be either very fast breakfast or great healthy snack. We can drink it before harder physical activity. It saves us some sugar in body so we are ready for climbing the hills or babysitting our younger siblings. Smoothie can become great source of protein that helps to rebuild muscle cells only with addition of protein powder.

Red Monkey

(banana, strawberries, orange)

Green Fit

(apple, kiwi, pineapple, spinach, chia)

Purple Brunch

(banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, soy milk, oatmeal, agave syrup)

Yellow Mandarin

(banana, mango, yoghurt, mandarin)

Orange Coco

(banana, mango, coconut milk, grated coconut, pistachio, macadamia nuts)

White Candy

(banana, almond milk, almonds, Manuka honey)

Forrest breakfast

(strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, honey, apple, yoghurt, canabis protein)


Our special Applemuseum drink brings you delicious taste of Manuka honey, lemon and water. We make it fresh every morning for you.

Manuka honey is miracle of nature from New Zealand. It is appreciated mainly for his anti-bacterial properties that can fight all bacterias, it helps with regeneration of cells during stomach diseases and at last it brings you better sleep and helps you with headaches.

Did you know  that bees collectively fly 55,000 miles to make a pound of honey and that is equivalent to flying around the world twice?


True Tea is brewed from from selected premium leafs supplied from carefully choosen plantations.

Yerba Maté

A tea packed with caffeine and its derivatives, which empower your body and mind, full of antioxidants which restore and protect balance of your organism. True Tea would like to introduce you to Yerba Maté, a South American tea with long traditions. This is a slightly bitter tea with a warm characteristic taste. We have gently sweetened the tea and given it a refreshing taste of grapefruit and lemon, all natural of course.We brew our Yerba Maté from premium quality leafs supplied to us directly from carefully selected plantations. The leaves we have used in this tea are grown in the valley surrounding the Parana river in the province of Itapua, Paraguay. It is the special climate and growing conditions in exactly this area that gives this tea it’s high quality and exquisite taste. After picking, the leaves are treated in a traditional way including a process where the leaves are dried over Eucalyptus wood and later left for ripening over a period of two years. It is this process that ensures that True Tea Yerba Maté is a tea full of antioxidants and caffeine; energy the natural way.

Green Rooibos

True Tea introduces Green Rooibos, a super thirst quencher – what’s more, it’s totally caffeine free and naturally gifted with an abundance of antioxidants. Its typical aromatic, light yet hearty flavored taste, is complemented with a subtle taste of lemon and blueberry. All of course 100% natural. We brew our Green Rooibos from premium quality leafs supplied to us directly from carefully selected plantations. The leaves of Rooibos used in this tea are grown in the surroundings of the town of Clan William in the province of Western Cape in South Africa. This ancient tea was discovered centuries ago by the local tribes of Khoi and San. They discovered the possibility of making a refreshing and great tasting drink made of the needle like leaves from the Rooibos bush. Thanks to traditional methods of preservation and treatment, this tea is full of antioxidants and healthy properties. A perfect balance between refreshment and the best in nature.

Green Tea

A tea full of natural goodies revitalizing body and mind and in the long run helping restore and ensure balance of our organism. True Tea Green Tea is brewed of the traditional Fujian Gunpowder green tea with it’s characteristic warm taste complemented by a fruity and sweet aroma mixed with a refreshing lemon zest to quench your thirst. All from nature of course. We brew our Green Tea from premium quality leafs supplied to us directly from carefully selected plantations. The leaves of Fujian Gunpowder green tea used in this True Tea has been growing on the hillsides close to the Tai Mu Mountain in the Fujian province, China. This area has been known for it’s quality teas as long as man can remember. Directly after harvesting, the leaves are preserved in a way that keeps the antioxidants and other bioactive ingredients potent all the way to you in this bottle. Thanks to these facts.


FENTIMANS. THE WORLD’S BEST BOTANICALLY BREWED BEVERAGES. Fentimans have been making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years. Our artisanal drinks are brewed for 7 days using the time-honoured botanical brewing process. The result is a superior drink that tastes simply delicious.

Traditional Ginger Beer

„Very superior, with a real kick” - The Guardian
A traditional brewed Ginger Beer with a complex taste. Made using the finest natural ginger root. Fiery and full of flavour.

Rose Lemonade

„Sumptuously scented” - BBC Good Food
Made with pure Rose oil from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and the juice of real lemons. Delivers a beautifully refreshing drink with a unique aroma.

Wild English Elderflower

„The quintessentially British drink. Perfection” – Living North.
A pale, verdant liquid. Sweet on the nose, with a light aroma and delicate floral flavours, delivering a clean, full-bodied taste.

Dandelion & Burdock

„Seek out this dark and slightly spicy fizz” - Daily Mail
Infusions of dandelion and burdock roots combined with natural flavours create the unmistakable taste and aroma of this definitive classic.

Curiosity Cola

„The world’s best cola” - The Guardian
This curiously invigorating cola inspired by traditional colas from yesteryear is made using infusions of the finest herbal ingredients.

Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger

„Utterly splendid” - The Financial Times
’Jigger’ is an old English term for a good measure, which is used when combining the juice of eight mandarins and the zest of Seville orange in every bottle.

Victorian Lemonade

„The brewing adds delicious complexity!” – The Sunday Telegraph
With the juice of one and a half lemons in every bottle, for real refreshment our cloudy Victorian Lemonade takes some beating.

Cherry Cola

„A delicious cola with a sweet tang of cherries” - Great British Food
Introducing the world’s first botanically brewed cherry cola.


We want to offer you the best quality so we chose true Italian coffee Danesi. Danesi coffee has delicious taste. It awakes all your senses. We have all types of coffee. You can choose whatever you love.

We can prepare you a coffee with soya, almond or coconut milk.