Ingenious businessman and great visionary

Today, we can say with no overstatement that this technological giant took over the sceptre and dominates the world. There is probably no one who would have never heard about the stylish brand with an apple as its symbol. But what do you know about its “father”, Steve Jobs? His extraordinary life story is worth both telling and listening to. The Pop Art Gallery Centre presents through this iconic brand the computer industry’s history affecting all of us. All the exhibits perfectly the complex and contradictory character of Steve Jobs.

Apple Museum in Prague presents most comprehensive and valuable collection of products somehow connected with the name of Steve Jobs. Among exhibits, you can find Apple Lisa, first Macintosh, yearbooks from his studies or iPhone prototype. Such precious rarities cannot be found elsewhere in the world so they should become an item on your what to see in Prague list. The exhibition features 472 exhibits on 767 m2 of exhibition space, with an emphasis on quality materials, stylish purity and simplicity, exactly in line with the philosophy of the brand. Among the exhibits, they are not missing the first personal computer Apple 1 from 1976 in all its entirety, as it was originally constructed, legendary Apple Lisa, first Macintosh model and prototype of iPhone.

… and also a fruit lover
It is a well-known fact about Steve Jobs that he was a strict vegetarian since he was a student. When he was travelling in India, where he was going to seek the spiritual enlightenment, he accepted veganism. He very often talked in public about harms of eating meat. His most favourite food was raw carrot and apple – that is where the symbol of an apple comes from. You can try how it feels like to be a fruitarian in our Steven’s Food raw bistro that is a part of our museum. We prepare bar drinks from finest ingredients so the fruit and vegetables served here are always fresh and of the best quality.