The American dream came true

It was 1976 when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded the former Apple Computer Companay in Jobs parent’s garage. A year later they launched the first mass-produced personal computer Apple II. It followed the very first Apple I model who was designed and constructed by the Wozniak’s brilliant brain. At the exhibition, there are 472 exhibits, among which there are also legendary historical pieces.

But it’s not only the hi-tech toys exposed that capture visitor’s eye. There is also one more thing that will attract all technology lovers, and that is the conception of exhibition space, which we designed feast for the eyes for all the admirers and concept of exhibition space, which we designed in harmony with the philosophy of Apple as it was set up by Jobs. He was an extreme perfectionist who loved functional minimalism and stylish pureness that became famous with his products.

Apple Museum – interactive fun, exhibition and refreshment
In the museum, there is much more to be seen, it is not just the rare original products mapping the important milestones in the Apple history. A part of this museum is also a café and bistro with refreshments prepared according to Jobs’ preferred lifestyle. He was famous for his penchant for organic fruit and vegetables and he totally rejected meat. He was known to have given lectures in public on harms of eating meat..

During his life, he gradually tried vegetarianism and veganism and finally remained faithful to fruitarianism, based on the consumption of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables, salads, smoothies and seeds. Keep your eyes and mind open as Steve did and try this specific style of eating at least at us. Everything is served always fresh and of the highest quality.